Contract automation for professionals.

fillthedoc is a powerful tool to fetch data from multiple systems and processes into one - or more documents.

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Trusted digital transactions & identity for every business, starting with Gmail.

Protection starts with people. 90% of all cyber crimes begins with an email, acted on by a human. It's time for a trusted digital transaction tool. Free to use, for everyone online. It's time for Proofi.

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LetsFlow is a workflow engine for automating business processes.

Expected March '20

Hybrid blockchain to streamline business processes and simplify collaboration.

LTO Network can be used by organizations that are seeking cost reduction on repetitive operational processes. By eliminating paperwork and streamlining collaboration on processes between multiple parties - administrative overhead can be reduced significantly.

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Contract innovation for Real Estate

Drafting any Real Estate agreement is a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Property-dependent data, reviews by multiple parties, version control, signing, and alteration requests by clients are just some of the factors that come into play. Delays caused by human error are often hard to avoid.

When one takes into account that the complete rental agreement process consists not only of the rental agreement, but also of rental proposals, fact sheets, allonges and termination agreements, the benefits of automation become evident.

With LegalThings, any Real Estate company is able to automate and digitize the entire contract lifecycle process. By integrating with your existing systems and solutions, LegalThings makes your organization work significantly more efficient, quick and error-proof.

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So what are the benefits?

Benefits of implementing LegalThings solution

Productivity increase: Realize up to 54% in time savings.

Automated compliance: Save up to 35% on administrative overhead.

Save 10-20% on OPEX: Reduce print and document cost.

Minimize human errors: automation makes workflows less error-prone.

GDPR compliance: All processes and interactions are GDPR and regulatory compliant, which is another unique feature of LTO network solution.

About LegalThings

LegalThings was born from a common pain to almost everyone who has worked in a corporate environment: despite working with smart and organized people, we are still spending too much time on process management and reproduction of the same content.

Founded by lawyers and software architects and originated as a spin-off from FIRM24, The Netherlands biggest notary platform, LegalThings is currently offered as a white-label solution for every organization that wants to drastically upgrade their digital transaction management.

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