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LegalThings eliminates the pain points that are associated with the drafting of Real Estate agreements. Streamline your everyday processes and work more efficient using innovative features and implementations.

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The LegalThings contract drafting-tool facilitates (Real Estate) B2C & B2B-providers with the integration of LegalForms in our SaaS, on websites of in applications through plugins and API’s.

Have clients and relations draft their own agreements from within your environments. Edit in Microsoft office and sign digitally with blockchain technology for unique customer experiences.

Add FIRM24’s notary service for end-to-end B2C-solutions.


Streamline your internal Real Estate processes with the LTO Network workflow engine through adding actors, notifications and due dates to your existing contract lifecycle processes in your custom white label environment.

Drafting Real Estate agreements becomes easier and less error-prone by importing static building data right into your agreement. Top up your processes with advanced IT-integrations into other applications, such as CRM-, financial, and building management systems.


A contract describes procedures to execute one or more promises. With Live Contract technology we turn contracts and processes into business rules and data that allows automation in a decentralized way. Involve third parties and share data automatically by creating decentralized workflows through blockchain.

This way complex inter-organizational business processes will belong to the past and Real Estate standardization is within reach.

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But, I'm not a Real Estate company?

That’s fine. A lot of companies aren’t.

We’re currently rolling out solutions for various other industries other than Real Estate. If your company requires better and faster document drafting and more efficient process management, LegalThings is here to help your organization. Regardless of the industry you’re operating in.

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LegalThings already supplies companies from the following industries:
• Legal
• Insurance
• Infrastructure
• Entertainment
• Waste
• Public Services
• Transfer pricing
• HR

So what are the benefits?

Benefits of implementing LegalThings solution

Productivity increase: Realize up to 54% in time savings.

Automated compliance: Save up to 35% on administrative overhead.

Save 10-20% on OPEX: Reduce print and document cost.

Minimize human errors: automation makes workflows less error-prone.

GDPR compliance: All processes and interactions are GDPR and regulatory compliant, which is another unique feature of LTO network solution.


With LegalThings, tapping into the benefits of blockchain is easy. When a document is signed, the event is automatically secured on the blockchain. Proving which document is signed by who is easy. And rest assured, the content of the document itself is never accessible on a public chain.

With LTO Network, blockchain is integrated even deeper into the core of our product.

Every organization runs numerous business processes, which can define the rules of a workflow, visualized as a flowchart or BPMN diagram. With LTO Network, a workflow is expressed as a deterministic extended Finite State Machine (FSM).

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Rick Schmitz
Arnold Daniels - LegalThings
Arnold Daniels
Lead Architect
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Martijn Migchelsen
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Sven Stam
Martijn Broersma - LegalThings
Martijn Broersma
VP Operations
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Sarfaraaz Jahangier
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Mitchel Kerckhaert
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Jurre Wolsink
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Yevhen Horbachov
Lead Frontend Developer

About LegalThings

LegalThings was born from a common pain to almost everyone who has worked in a corporate environment: despite working with smart and organized people, we are still spending too much time on process management and reproduction of the same content.

Founded by lawyers and software architects and originated as a spin-off from FIRM24, The Netherlands biggest notary platform, LegalThings is currently offered as a white-label solution for every organization that wants to drastically upgrade their digital transaction management.

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