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Let LegalThings create your settlement agreements for you. With reorganizations, there is a need for quick and efficient processes between organizations, employees and lawyers.

Answer basic questions to draft the contract and LegalThings provides you with your tailor-made settlement agreement. From now on, your law firm only does supportive work and the final check.

LegalThings creates all the required processing agreements for the DEKRA network between companies and suppliers with a single push of a button.

Just upload the names, emails and languages of your counter-parties. LegalThings creates the contracts in the desired language, while managing the settlement between company and supplier through a pre-audited, GDPR compliant workflow.

Filling in real estate contracts has never been easier and less error prone. By importing all static building data and linking other IT-systems, your agreements are drafted in a matter of minutes.

Real estate parties take full control by implementing contract lifecycle processes in LegalThings.

LegalThings creates an intuitive dashboard overview and supplies companies with click-of-a-button management reporting.
LegalThings makes drafting and signing an NDA as simple as filling in a questionnaire.

Create, review, audit and sign an NDA in one single process in a matter of minutes.

We believe in the motto ‘practice what you preach’. Therefore, all our own contracts & processes are managed in LegalThings.


About LegalThings

"The new digital backbone for every business"
Our story
Firm24 & LegalThings & LegalThings One
LegalThings was born from a common pain to almost everyone who has worked in a corporate environment: despite working with smart and organized people, we are still spending too much time on process management and reproduction of the same content.

Founded by lawyers and software architects and originated as a spin-off from FIRM24, The Netherlands biggest notary platform, LegalThings is currently offered as a white-label solution for every organization who wants to drastically upgrade their digital transaction management.

With advancements in technology, organizations grow rapidly. By adopting automation, organizations can easily increase their operation frequency and efficiency. E-signature, authentication, document archival, workflow automation amongst others are some of the well-known aspects of digital transaction management. LegalThings created a tool-kit to digitize every possible digital transaction that involves people, data and documents.

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