Digitize your own contracts
Working digitally with contracts and agreements doesn’t need to be restricted to a few standard templates and agreements.
In just a few moments you digitize your own or your client’s contracts, legal letters and agreements. A necessary first step to 100% digital.


Sign agreements online
Turnaround times often increase when stakeholders need to sign agreements hardcopy. With LegalThings, you can sign your contracts anywhere - be it on PC, tablet or mobile - with blockchain technology.
Decrease costs and turnaround times. Increase convenience for everybody.


Set up workflows with contract partners
You rarely work alone on contracts and agreements. Next to a counterparty, there’s often a (legal, fiscal or notary) specialist, colleague or third party in the loop.
Involve professionals digitally where necessary, easily collaborate and keep a grip on status management.


Stay informed with alerts
Hundreds of contracts means hundreds of end dates, notice periods or other dates. You want to informed when one of these is coming up.
Set notifications on contracts using LegalTriggers. Never miss a deadline, end date, or automatic extension again.

LegalLicense & Pricing

Set up your own revenue model
The future-proof business model of a lawyer or accountant relies more and more on automation. Customers become highly self-reliant through smart online contracts.
With LegalLicense & Pricing you offer your customers smart online contracts and packages at your price.


Save your contracts securely in the cloud
When it comes down to it, contracts and agreements are the pillar of your company. That is why they are safe and nobody can access them. Not even the American government.
LegalThings has been developed in accordance with the latest ISO 27001: 2013 standards. This means that our software works according to the latest international standards for information security.

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