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LegalThings.io has been incorporated by Firm24.

Every company needs to start with incorporation. Legalthings.io has been incorporated by Firm24. This company is highly recommended by us, as it is a highly trustworthy partner for the most important stage of your BV.

What can Firm24 do for you as an entrepreneur?

Especially for international entrepreneurs or companies looking to settle down in the Netherlands they provide incorporation services as well as advice during the process and after setting up the business. The execute the process of incorporation mostly online working intensively together with notaries and legal professionals, while maintaining a high level of customer service and support.

Moreover, the service of Firm24 does not stop at the incorporation of your company, it is also the right partner for all of your intended adaptations to your company. They will help with transfers of shares and amendments in the deeds of incorporation. In addition, their legal department provides many suitable contracts and agreements, which you can adapt to fit the preferences of you and your company. Besides, they provide a helping hand in the administration for the accounting.

Three additional reasons why we chose Firm24:

  1. 24-hour service: from the start to beginning Firm24 has the capacity to fully incorporate your business in the Netherlands. The regular procedure will only take 3 to 5 working days.
  2. Fully English and internationally adopted online procedure and support for the incorporation of internationally orientated businesses.
  3. Fixed price: Firm24 is clear in their statements about pricing and does not work with recurring costs.

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Terms and Conditions

General provisions

1. Definitions
1.1 LegalThings SaaS: LegalThings Software as a Service consists of various modules, such as the online documents generator ("LegalDocx"), documents exchange and communication applications (DMS), user management application ("IAM") and digital signing ("Awesome signature"). ").
1.2 Subscriber: The party that subscribes to LegalThings SaaS.
1.3 Primary organization: the created user who has management rights and who has been appointed by the Subscriber as administrator of the Subscriber's Environment.
1.4 End user: a natural or legal person who, under the responsibility of the Subscriber of LegalThings, uses SaaS and can login as a user in the Subscriber's User Environment and gains access.
User environment: the dashboard within LegalThings Saas that only the End Users have access to.
1.5 Price: the applicable price per prepared document, per uploaded document and per digital signature as communicated in the quotation.
2. Applicability Conditions
2.1 A LegalThings SaaS subscription (in these conditions further: Subscription) is a (Software as a Service: SaaS) service provided to the Subscriber by LEGALTHINGS BV in Amsterdam. This service consists of having and keeping LEGALTHINGS BV at a location chosen by it and installed on the Infrastructure (as referred to in Article 19 paragraph 1) of LEGALTHINGS BV 'at a distance' via the internet or another network for Subscriber and other subscribers. from LegalThings SaaS. LEGALTHINGS BV is the Subscriber agreed (various modules) of the Software in the field of contract generation, information exchange and client communication of LEGALTHINGS BV.
2.2 LEGALTHINGS BV is never obliged to provide Subscriber with a physical carrier with LegalThings SaaS.
2.3 By signing the offer and / or order confirmation, Subscriber agrees to the applicability and content of these terms and conditions.
2.4 Deviations and additions to the General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing between the parties.
2.5 The applicability of Subscriber's purchase or other conditions is explicitly rejected.
2.6 If any provision of the General Terms and Conditions is null and void or is nullified, the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions will remain in full force. In that case, LEGALTHINGS BV and Subscriber will enter into consultation with the aim of agreeing new provisions to replace the null and void or nullified provisions, whereby the purpose and intent of the void or nullified provisions will be taken into account as far as possible.
3. Offers
3.1 All offers and other expressions of LEGALTHINGS BV are without obligation, unless otherwise stated by LEGALTHINGS BV.
4. Price, fee and payment due
4.1 All prices are exclusive of turnover tax (VAT) and other levies that are or will be imposed by the government. Unless otherwise agreed, all prices are always in euros and Subscriber must pay all payments in euros.
4.2 If Subscriber consists of several natural persons and / or legal entities, each of those persons shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of the amounts owed from the Subscription.
4.3 LEGALTHINGS BV may adjust the fee for its services for commercial reasons, in which case the Subscriber may terminate his / her subscription to LegalThings SaaS in accordance with Article 12 of these General Terms and Conditions. LEGALTHINGS BV reserves the right to adjust the remuneration for its services once and unilaterally on an annual basis due to indexation and inflation, in which case the abovementioned termination option does not apply.
4.4 Subscriber is automatically invoiced monthly in advance on the basis of the agreed price from the signed quotation or order letter. Payment is made by direct debit. The payment for each monthly invoice must be received by LEGALTHINGS BV no later than fourteen (14) days after each date of invoice.
4.5 If for any reason direct debit does not result (in time) until full payment of the fee owed, Subscriber, without any reminder or notice of default being required, will owe legal commercial interest on the outstanding amount. If Subscriber fails to pay the claim after a reminder or notice of default, LEGALTHINGS BV can hand over the claim, in which case Subscriber will be obliged to pay all collection costs in addition to the total amount owed, including all costs charged by external experts. , without prejudice to the right of LEGALTHINGS BV to fully or partially suspend the execution of the Subscription and without prejudice to the right of LEGALTHINGS BV to exercise any other legal and / or agreed right.
5. Confidentiality
5.1 Subscriber and LEGALTHINGS BV ensure that all information received from the other party that is known or should reasonably be known to be of a confidential nature remain secret. The party that receives confidential data will only use it for the purpose for which it was provided. Information shall in any case be regarded as confidential if it has been designated as such by one of the parties.
6. Privacy, data processing and security
6.1 The responsibility for the fulfillment of its legal obligations with regard to the processing of personal data rests entirely and exclusively with the Subscriber. LEGALTHINGS BV will, as much as technically possible, cooperate with the obligations to be fulfilled by Subscriber, all this at the expense of Subscriber.
6.2 Subscriber indemnifies LEGALTHINGS BV against claims from persons whose personal or business data are registered or processed by Subscriber or for which Subscriber is otherwise responsible by virtue of the law, unless Subscriber proves that the facts on which the claim is based exclusively to LEGALTHINGS BV.
6.3 LEGALTHINGS BV never guarantees that the information security is effective under all circumstances.
6.4 LEGALTHINGS BV is entitled to assign subscriber access codes. LEGALTHINGS BV is entitled to change assigned access codes. Subscriber treats the access codes confidentially and with care and only makes them known to authorized staff members. LEGALTHINGS BV is not liable for damage or costs resulting from the use or misuse of access codes.
6.5 LEGALTHINGS BV is not permitted to use the data from the User Environment and / or Administrator dashboard of the Subscriber in any other way, other than to deliver the agreed services to the Subscriber, including for only internal use a copy to use the Environment in the acceptance environment to monitor the proper functioning of the Subscriber's Environment or to test the correct functioning of a newer version of LegalThings SaaS. Subscriber hereby permits the data to be used in an anonymous form for purely statistical purposes.
7. Reservation of property and rights, case formation and suspension
7.1 Rights, including user charges, will be granted to the Subscriber as long as he fulfills his periodic payment obligation.
7.2 LEGALTHINGS BV may retain the rights, data, documents, software, data files and results of the services of LEGALTHINGS BV received or generated within the framework of the Subscription, despite an existing obligation to issue or transfer, until Subscriber pays all to LEGALTHINGS BV amounts due.
8. Intellectual property rights
8.1 All intellectual property rights to the software, websites, data files (not being the data entered by Subscriber in LegalThings SaaS) used by or for the implementation of the Subscription used by LEGALTHINGS BV for the implementation of the Subscription, as well as preparatory material thereof, are exclusively held by LEGALTHINGS BV, or its suppliers. Subscriber only obtains the (possible) user rights that are explicitly granted with these General Terms and Conditions and the law. Any right of use to Subscriber is in all cases limited to the duration of the Subscription, is non-exclusive, non-transferable and not sublicensable. Any right to use LegalThings SaaS only includes the use of LegalThings SaaS on the Infrastructure of LEGALTHINGS BV (as referred to in Article 19 paragraph 1) this right does not include the right to use LegalThings SaaS on computer systems other than the infrastructure of LEGALTHINGS BV.
8.2 The Subscriber is not permitted to remove or change any designation concerning the confidential nature or concerning copyrights, trademarks, trade names or any other intellectual property rights from LegalThings SaaS manuals, websites, data files or materials.
8.3 LEGALTHINGS BV indemnifies Subscriber against any legal claim by a third party that is based on the claim that software, websites, data files or other materials developed by FIRM BV infringe an intellectual property right of that third party, under the condition that Subscriber LEGALTHINGS BV immediately informing in writing about the existence and content of the legal claim and the settlement of the case, including the making of any settlements, entirely left to LEGALTHINGS BV. Subscriber will provide the necessary powers of attorney, information and cooperation to LEGALTHINGS BV. This obligation to indemnify lapses if the infringement is related (i) to materials made available to LEGALTHINGS BV by the Subscriber for the use, processing, processing or incorporation, or (ii) with modifications made by Subscriber without the written permission of LEGALTHINGS BV in the software. , website, data files or other materials or has it installed by a third party. If it is irrevocable in court that the software, websites, data files or other materials developed by LEGALTHINGS BV itself infringe any intellectual property rights belonging to a third party or if in the opinion of LEGALTHINGS BV there is a reasonable chance that such an infringement will occur , if possible, LEGALTHINGS BV will ensure that Subscriber can continue to use the delivered, or functionally equivalent, other software, websites, data files, or materials. Any other or further obligation to indemnify LEGALTHINGS BV is excluded.
8.4 Subscriber guarantees that no rights of third parties oppose making available to LEGALTHINGS BV of data files or other materials with the purpose of use, processing or installation. Subscriber indemnifies LEGALTHINGS BV against any claim by a third party that is based on the assertion that such making available, use, processing, installing or incorporating infringes any right of that third party.
9. (Other) Responsibilities Subscriber
9.1 The Subscriber will provide all cooperation that is necessary for a proper use of the LegalThings SaaS, and a proper execution of LEGALTHINGS B.V.’s obligations under the agreement with the Subscriber. This cooperation will in any case consist of the following points: - informing about all facts and circumstances that may affect the service and availability of LegalThings SaaS - using the LegalThings SaaS in an up-to-date version of a leading browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).
9.2 Subscriber bears the risk of the (correct) use, the correct application and the correct management, including the input of the documents and use of the communication possibilities in his organization of LegalThings SaaS, websites, databases and other products and materials and of the LegalThings BV to provide services. Subscriber is responsible for (checking the) correctness of the data that are processed using a service provided by LEGALTHINGS BV and the way in which the results of the service are used. Subscriber is also responsible for instructions to and use by users.
9.3 LEGALTHINGS BV is not responsible for the purchase, installation, set-up, parameterisation, tuning, adjustment and / or proper functioning of the infrastructure (such as equipment, (auxiliary) software and operating environment, not being the Infrastructure of LegalThings BV as intended. in Article 19 paragraph 1) of Subscriber or that of third parties required for the use of the LegalThings SaaS Subscription except for those facilities which are under the direct use and management of LegalThings BV. LEGALTHINGS BV is never liable for damage or costs due to transmission errors, malfunctions or non-availability of these facilities, unless Subscriber proves that this damage or costs are the result of intent or deliberate recklessness of the management of LEGALTHINGS BV.
9.4 LEGALTHINGS BV is never responsible for the repair of mutilated or lost data.
9.5 Subscriber is responsible and liable to LEGALTHINGS BV for any use by the Subscriber of the LegalThings SaaS on behalf of third parties. Subscriber indemnifies LEGALTHINGS BV against claims by third parties for compensation of damage in that respect.
9.6 Always and in all cases, Subscriber will behave carefully and not unlawfully towards third parties in the context of the implementation of the Subscription. Subscriber shall at all times respect in particular the intellectual property rights and other rights of third parties, respect the privacy of third parties, not disseminate data in violation of the law, do not provide unauthorized access to systems, do not distribute viruses or other harmful programs and abstain from criminal offenses and violation of any other legal obligation.
9.7 In order to prevent any liability towards third parties or to limit the consequences thereof, LEGALTHINGS BV is always entitled to take measures in respect of an act or omission by or at the risk of the Subscriber, without being obliged to pay compensation to the Subscriber. Subscriber is obliged to immediately remove information (including uploaded images, logos, texts, etc.) from LEGALTHINGS BV, failing which LEGALTHINGS BV will be entitled to remove the information or make it impossible to access it. LEGALTHINGS BV is furthermore entitled to immediately and without prior notification deny access to systems of LEGALTHINGS BV and / or to deny the use of a subdomain name, e-mail address and / or system name in the event of violation or imminent violation of the provisions of Article 9.6 and without to be liable to pay compensation to the Subscriber. The foregoing expressly does not affect any other measures or the exercise of other rights by LEGALTHINGS BV towards the Subscriber. In that case, LEGALTHINGS BV is also entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect without being obliged to pay compensation to the Subscriber.
9.8 LEGALTHINGS BV can not be required to form an opinion on the validity of the claims of third parties or of the defense of Subscriber or in any way involved in a dispute between a third party and Subscriber. Subscriber will have to understand this matter with the third party concerned and inform LEGALTHINGS BV in writing and properly substantiated with documents.
10. Delivery terms
10.1 All (delivery) dates and (delivery) dates mentioned or agreed by LEGALTHINGS BV are indicative.
10.2 LegalThings BV will only be in default after prior complete and detailed written notice of default with a reasonable deadline for performance.
11. Implementation of services in general
11.1 LEGALTHINGS BV will do its utmost to carry out the services with care, in accordance with the agreements and procedures recorded in writing with the Subscriber. All services of LEGALTHINGS BV are performed on the basis of an effort commitment.
11.2 LEGALTHINGS BV performs the service only on behalf of Subscriber.
11.3 LEGALTHINGS BV can continue the execution of the service using a new or amended version of LegalThings SaaS whereby the functionality will be equivalent or improved with respect to the agreed functionality. LEGALTHINGS BV is not obliged to maintain, modify or add specific features or functionalities of the LegalThings SaaS specifically for Subscriber.
11.4 LEGALTHINGS BV can put the service completely or partially temporarily out of use for preventive, corrective or adaptive maintenance. Subscriber shall provide all cooperation required by LEGALTHINGS BV, including the temporary suspension of the use of the service by Subscriber if this is necessary in the opinion of LEGALTHINGS BV. LEGALTHINGS BV shall not take the decommissioning longer than necessary, have it carried out outside office hours if possible and, depending on the circumstances, commence after notification to the Subscriber.
11.5 LEGALTHINGS BV does not guarantee that the service to be provided within the framework of the Subscription will be error-free and will function without interruption. LEGALTHINGS BV will make every effort to repair defects in the software within a reasonable period in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions. LEGALTHINGS BV does not guarantee that defects in software that have not been developed by LEGALTHINGS BV will be remedied.
11.6 LEGALTHINGS BV does not guarantee that LegalThings SaaS will be timely adapted to changes in relevant legislation and regulations.
11.7 LEGALTHINGS BV does not guarantee that a subdomain name and / or system name desired by Subscriber is assigned to Subscriber.
11.8 LEGALTHINGS BV is not responsible for the content and composition of the subdomain name and / or system name and the use made of the subdomain name and / or system name. Subscriber guarantees to LEGALTHINGS BV that he is entitled to use the subdomain name and / or system name and that its use is not unlawful towards one or more third parties. Subscriber indemnifies LEGALTHINGS BV and compensates LEGALTHINGS BV for any claim by a third party related to the subdomain name and / or system name.
12. Termination, cancellation and modification of the agreement
12.1 The Subscription can be terminated in writing by Subscriber after expiry of the contract term with due observance of a notice period of one (1) month and at the end of a calendar month and by LEGALTHINGS BV with due observance of a notice period of two (2) months towards the end. of a calendar year. The parties will never be obliged to pay any compensation for termination.
12.2 Each party can terminate the Subscription without notice of default with immediate effect wholly or partially in writing if the other party - whether or not provisionally - is granted a moratorium, if bankruptcy is applied for in respect of the other party, if the enterprise of the other party is finally liquidated or terminated other than for the purpose of reconstruction or merger of companies, or if decisive control over the Subscriber's business changes. LEGALTHINGS BV is never liable for any refund of already received funds or compensation for damages due to this termination. In the event of bankruptcy of the Subscriber, the right to use the Software, websites and the like made available to the Subscriber expires by operation of law.
13. Termination and consequences termination Subscription
13.1 Upon termination of the Subscription, LEGALTHINGS BV will, at the written request of the Subscriber, provide the Subscriber with the entered or supplied data - such as and in so far as available in the database of LEGALTHINGS BV. Subscriber must have submitted the request to LEGALTHINGS BV within 1 (one) month after termination of the Subscription. Subscriber accepts that such data contains the features as Subscriber who finds at the time of receipt. Furthermore, LEGALTHINGS BV is in no way obliged to convert the data data made available or to make it otherwise suitable for use by the Subscriber.
14. Limitation of liability of LEGALTHINGS BV
14.1 Any liability of LEGALTHINGS BV for damage arising in connection with the implementation of the Subscription, including the use of LegalThings SaaS and any associated services by LEGALTHINGS BV, is limited to the amount that is covered by the liability insurance taken out by LEGALTHINGS BV in that case. paid out, plus the applicable excess of LEGALTHINGS BV.
14.2 If the aforementioned insurance does not give any claim to any amount, then any liability of LEGALTHINGS BV is limited to a maximum amount equal to the total of the fees (excluding VAT) that are payable in the twelve (12) months prior to the event causing the damage. Subscription is paid, with a maximum of € 15,000.
14.3 The liability of LEGALTHINGS BV for indirect damage, consequential loss, lost profit, fines or additional charges, missed savings, reduced goodwill, loss due to business stagnation, damage due to claims from subscribers of Subscribers, damage related to the use of LEGALTHINGS by Subscriber BV required materials or software from third parties and damage related to the use of subcontractors prescribed by Subscriber to LEGALTHINGS BV is excluded. LEGALTHINGS BV can not be held liable in any way whatsoever for damage resulting from careless use of the service, such as improper application of segregation of duties, improper management of passwords or improper use. Also excluded is the liability of LEGALTHINGS BV due to mutilation, destruction or loss of data or documents.
14.4 The liability for damage resulting from / related to the demonstration version of LegalThings SaaS that has not been made available by LEGALTHINGS BV via its website is completely excluded.
14.5 The exclusions and limitations of the liability of LEGALTHINGS BV, as described in the preceding paragraphs of this article, do not affect the other exclusions and limitations of liability of LEGALTHINGS BV under these General Terms and Conditions and the other agreed Special Terms and Conditions of the Subscription.
14.6 Any liability of LEGALTHINGS BV arises only if Subscriber gives LEGALTHINGS BV immediate written notice of default, whereby a reasonable period for the purification of the shortcoming is made and LEGALTHINGS BV also remains accountable after that term in the fulfillment of its obligations. Any claim for damages against LEGALTHINGS BV expires by the mere lapse of twenty-four months after the occurrence of the damage.
14.7 Subscriber shall at all times be obliged to limit the damage suffered by it as much as possible.
15. Force majeure
15.1 Force majeure also means force majeure of suppliers of LEGALTHINGS BV, government measures, power failure, disruption of the internet, computer network or telecommunication facilities, workforce, strike, and the unavailability of one or more employees. If a force majeure situation lasts longer than thirty (30) days, each of the parties has the right to terminate the Subscription in writing. What has already been performed on the basis of the Subscription will in that case be settled proportionally, without the parties owing each other anything else.
16. Change and additional work
16.1 If LEGALTHINGS BV has carried out work or other services at the request or with the prior consent of the Subscriber that fall outside the content or scope of the agreed work and / or services, these activities or performances will be reimbursed by the Subscriber according to the usual rates of LEGALTHINGS BV. LEGALTHINGS BV is never obliged to comply with such request and may require that a separate written agreement be concluded for this.
17. Transfer of rights and obligations 17.1 Subscriber is not entitled to sell and / or transfer the rights and / or obligations from the Subscription to a third party.
17.2 LEGALTHINGS BV is entitled to transfer its claims for payment of compensation to a third party.
18. Applicable law and disputes
18.1 The agreements between LEGALTHINGS BV and Subscriber are governed by Dutch law. Applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention 1980 is excluded.
18.2 Disputes that may arise between LEGALTHINGS BV and Subscriber in connection with an agreement concluded between LEGALTHINGS BV and Subscriber or as a result of further agreements resulting therefrom shall be settled by the competent court in the District Court of Amsterdam.
19. Services
In addition to the provisions in Article 1 up to and including 18, the provisions in articles 19 up to and including 22 below shall apply for the provision of service and support.
19.1 Definitions:
Special Service Hours: all hours in a 24-hour period outside the Service Hours.
Planned maintenance: possible from 6 pm to 6 am and a maximum of four (4) times per month from 6 am to 6 pm.
Infrastructure: the hardware used by LEGALTHINGS BV and under its responsibility, data communication facilities and system software.
Notification: a report made by the Contract Owner to the Service Desk during Service Hours of a Fault, question or wish in accordance with these conditions.
Notification Category 10: Due to a Fault on the part of LEGALTHINGS BV, LegalThings SaaS is no longer available, or only very limited available to Subscriber.
Notification Category 20: a non-material Fault in LegalThings SaaS with limited consequences for Subscriber for which no immediate response from LEGALTHINGS BV is required.
Notification Category 30: all questions and requests for information about the use or implementation of LegalThings SaaS. Subscriber can separately pay a fee to LEGALTHINGS BV for handling Notifications from this category. LEGALTHINGS BV will inform Subscriber of this in good time before the start of the treatment.
Necessary extra maintenance: maintenance during Service Window for which no postponement is possible (eg security risks).
Support: during Service Hours by the service desk of LEGALTHINGS BV (hereafter: Service Desk) providing general assistance regarding LegalThings by telephone or via software@legalthings.io ( T : +31 (0) 20-308.06.75). This includes al service and advice necessary for the correct functioning of LegalThings SaaS.
Service Hours: LEGALTHINGS BV's usual business hours (09.00-18.00 hours CET) from Monday to Friday, with the exception of recognized Dutch public holidays.
Service window LEGALTHINGS: daily from 6 am to midnight.
Fault: a reproducible problem as a result of which the service relating to LegalThings SaaS is not, not fully or reducedly available to the Subscriber.
20. Availability
20.1 LEGALTHINGS BV makes every effort to realize an availability of LegalThings SaaS during Service Hours of 99% on average per month. Availability is understood to mean logging into the LegalThings portal (to be measured on the LEGALTHINGS BV server) on the agreed LegalThings SaaS module (s). The achieved availability is calculated as follows: Uptime is the time that the LegalThings portal is available. Downtime is the time that the LegalThings portal is not available. Planned maintenance, necessary extra maintenance as well as circumstances outside the sphere of influence of LEGALTHINGS BV, do not count as Downtime and are not included in the determination of the Uptime percentage. The achieved availability is Uptime / (Uptime + Downtime).
20.2 LEGALTHINGS BV will endeavor to keep the speed of data traffic to and from LegalThings SaaS at such a level that End Users, Super users and Managers can make acceptable use of the Software.
20.3 LEGALTHINGS BV is, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 20, not responsible and liable for (the consequences of) malfunctions arising from / related to:
  • changes in or errors, defects or imperfections in equipment or other software than the Infrastructure, including incorrect configuration of subscriber equipment and infrastructure as well as interference in the telecommunications structure of Subscriber or third parties or in the power infrastructure of third parties - outside the Infrastructure - longer than 4 hour;
  • The non - availability of LegalThings SaaS (during activities) at the request of the Subscriber;
  • If LEGALTHINGS BV, when determining or isolating the problem or malfunction, needs assistance from Subscriber that Subscriber can not give;
  • Other causes not attributable to LEGALTHINGS BV.
20.4 A weekly update takes place as part of the Planned Maintenance. During this weekly update, certain functionalities such as the processing of a salary run will not be available. LEGALTHINGS BV makes no effort in this non-availability to last longer than one (1) hour.
21. Making a report
21.1 Notifications of the Category 20 and 30 are reported to the Service Desk by telephone and / or by email.
21.2 Notification of the Category 10 must be reported as soon as possible by telephone on 06-52.84.7034 and email software@legalthings.io.
21.3 Reports can be made 24 hours a day. A Report contains at least the following information: a) Subscription number; b) Name of the Contract Owner who makes the report; c) A detailed description of the Fault.
21.4 LEGALTHINGS BV is not liable for the incorrect, incomplete, delayed transmission and / or receipt of a Notification sent or made by the Subscriber, whether or not caused by the non-full functioning of telecom services and equipment of third parties and / or the Subscriber.
22. Backup and Physical security
22.1 A backup is compressed and encrypted according to the current state of the art. The Back-ups are stored in an externally located data center to be determined by LEGALTHINGS BV, located in Europe.
22.2 The servers used by LEGALTHINGS BV are in a (heavily) secured environment. The location where the equipment is located is provided with a physical access protection of the building, redundant energy and cooling infrastructure, shielding access by unauthorized persons, 24 × 7 hardware support, fire protection, stable power supply, Internet access protection and firewall.
22.3 The data traffic from or to LegalThings SaaS is checked 24 hours a day from a central control room whereby LEGALTHINGS BV strives to respond within 30 minutes in any way to the unauthorized attempt to provide access to LegalThings SaaS by third parties, on unregulated traffic can not be used by LegalThings SaaS, on threatening data traffic or other attempts to undermine the proper functioning of LegalThings SaaS. In such cases, LEGALTHINGS BV is permitted to block the access of Subscriber to the LegalThings SaaS.
23. Digital signing
23.1 LegalThings Saas contains a possibility to create and obtain electronic signatures. Such a signature could be regarded as legitimate expressions of intent and identification of identity among a number of jurisdictions, including Dutch ones, but the actual legal status thereof as a replacement for a regular signature, as well as the purpose for which it may be used, must be made by the subscriber or end user who uses this service himself to be identified and determined. LEGALTHINGS BV assumes no responsibility in this respect.
24. Use of name and logo
24.1 Subscriber gives LEGALTHINGS BV the right to use its name and logo for promotional activities by LEGALTHINGS BV, whereby LEGALTHINGS subscriber can designate as its customer. Subscriber can request LEGALTHINGS BV in writing to stop this use of its name and logo and to stop it for new promotional material to be developed. LEGALTHINGS BV will honor this request within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt thereof, unless this request is made within 5 working days after these General Terms and Conditions have come into effect, in which case the request will be immediately honored.
Version 05-09-2018

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